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Trouble rotating, calculation phase constantly running and crashing.

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I am trying to use 15.09.90

I already have 3 previous version installed 15.06.03, 15.06.01, 15.02.01.

I have only been able to print with 15.02.01 the later two version have problems with the model not using shaders correctly i.e. I can only see a silhouette

I am running Windows 7 64 bit, I5 processor, 32 gig Ram.

I am spending an awfully long time trying to rotate my object once it has first been imported. The slicing calculation starts as soon as it has been imported. If I start rotating the object whilst it is slicing I get random crashes and hangs with no feedback to whether there is an error. It just hangs at the stage before the percentage slider starts its accent or after that stage. Maybe 66% maybe 95%.

The new rotation tool is making this problem a lot bigger than it needs to be. I cannot fathom how you rotate the model when if I move my mouse to the left is only moves 15 degrees then to the right maybe 135 degrees. Then when I move it back to the left it goes to 600 degrees!???

The calculation phase runs as soon as I change anything, which usually ends with a crash.

I need a button to start the calculation phase so that I can actually get it into position without crashing.

When I import a model it is always laying down so I “always” need to use rotate. Can you not at least follow the same xyz system of popular modelling programs?

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I did update my video card drivers.

I'm confused as to which one is beta or alpha? its at version 10 and still in beta?

15.02 still has erratic behavior...


  • Loading model under build plate
  • gcode button not working
  • model not even loading
  • scale functions mixed up after rotating Z thinks is Y etc
  • calculation phase running constantly; crashing software
  • Always needing to close Cura and go through the painful steps again praying is doent crash


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We use a version system that uses year.month.version

15.02 uses our old code base, which is not in beta and is seen as rather stable.

15.06 > is with new code base and is still in beta.

Loading under build plate is actually an issue in the 15.06 range. I've never heard it happening to 15.02. Could you make screenshots of this?

WIth regards to crashing software and slicing, have you tried disabling firewalls? Cura uses a local socket to the slicing, but some firewalls seem to block this.

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