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3dSolex 0.4 jet nozzle (and E3D nozzles) on my UMO

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Posted (edited) · 3dSolex 0.4 jet nozzle (and E3D nozzles) on my UMO

It is a few weeks now that I have modified my UMO setup to print with a 3dSolex (0.4) nozzle (and E3D nozzles) and I wanted to share my findings here so that it might help others with an "old" printer :).


I wanted to change my system to a universal nozzle system so I looked at the options and decided not to replace the complete hotend but rather only replace the nozzle, as I only print PLA (and some XT, NinjaFlex). I specifically wanted to try bigger prints with larger nozzle diameters (like 0.60mm and 0.80mm) and that is a no go with the standard UM nozzles.

First idea (obvious) was E3D as they have good quality nozzles for an ok price (even steel). At the same time I had a chat with @dim3nsioneer as we are practically neighbours and he recommend the jet nozzle from 3dSolex (buy them here if you are in Switzerland: http://dim3nsions.ch/) for the UM2 but I figured it would work for the UMO. So I got one 3dSolex 0.4, jet nozzle and started the installation. I also ordered e3d nozzles (buy here: http://e3d-online.com/Extra-Nozzles), the fun pack, which contains  0.25mm, 0.30mm, 0.35mm, 0.40mm, 0.60mm, 0.80mm and an E3D Nozzle Spanner.


First I measured the length of the nozzle(s) and compared it to the one from Ultimaker (3dSolex and E3D are very similar). The ultimaker nozzle is a bit longer (est. 3.5 mm) so my existing fan shroud (that I printed also) would hit the bed. So I decided to create a new one from scratch and print it with colorfab XT. Designed it in Fusion 360 (I based the design on the one great shroud from from Gijs https://www.thingiverse.com/Gijs/designs) and printed it before changing the nozzle. After that the installation was really straight forward. You heat up, change the fan shroud, unscrew your old nozzle and screwed in the nozzle from 3dSolex. Of course I then had to re-level the bed but that was it.


After a few tests, I tried to replace the 3dSolex nozzle with a now arrived 0.6 e3d I had and voilà, no problem, I did not even had to re-level the bed. Now I have a "universal" setup that allows for quick change of nozzles. The UMO nozzle will of course not work anymore as it is longer, at least not as a drop in.


When I started printing with the nozzle from 3dSolex at first I could not really tell the difference, it was only after a few prints I started to realise that I could in general print with lower temperatures, and even lower my retraction amount a bit due to that the surface quality together with my Diamond Age filament is really great. When I compared the E3D nozzle and the 3dSolex nozzle (both 0.4) I could tell that with the e3d nozzle, the filament tends to curl upwards, not with the 3dsolex design. Maybe that is because of the angle of the lower part of the nozzle? Else, they are very similar to print with… more later.

Final thoughts

It is pretty easy to replace a nozzle with the UMO. Both will work, e3d and 3dSolex but you have to replace your fan shroud and so going back to the UMO nozzle is not easy (but no problem for me). So for me, I have a new standard nozzle I print with: the 0.4 jet nozzle, from 3dSolex.  When I require larger diameters, I simply switch to an E3D.

Hope that helps you guys.

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Posted · 3dSolex 0.4 jet nozzle (and E3D nozzles) on my UMO

Thanks for sharing your experience :)

Just to add you can also have larger nozzles from 3dsolex, it goes from 0.15mm up to 1mm!

I didn't try it yet on my UMO but i'll probably do it soon too, on my UM2 it's the upgrade i would definitely recommend because it adds a lot of possibilities to an already great printer

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