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Just building my new Ultimaker...

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Posted · Just building my new Ultimaker...


My name is Victor. I received my Ultimaker kit yesterday.

I am busy building for 1 and a halve day straight. Sofar, sogood. I am just having a bit of trouble to get the long belts equally tensioned. I should be able to print in a day or two....

Untill now it's like putting together an Ikea flatpack, they also have confusing assembly instructions ;)

I'll keep you informed,

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Posted · Just building my new Ultimaker...

Got mine last week, after few days from ordering, DHL was knocking to my doors (2 days from europe to nashville,tn... very impresive)

Went through silver/black painting (looks like aluminum-titan enclosure now:) and assembly this weekend and did few easy prints. I wanted to keep my printer away from high humidity every summer, so I painted it. I think that kinda Plexiglas cover box will also help to keep dust and moisture from frame, axises and PLA filament.

Based on my experience

-like it was mentioned, X,Y motors screws are to short to make robust mounting, ACE hardware store fortunately has metrics M3 screws in different sizes.

-have strange feeling that my X axis is running much smoother than Y axis, getting a little bit ellipsoid circles when printing

-already had filament lockup with "fast printing" mode, and looks like extruder upgrade is a must (looking into Bertho mod right now)

-be careful about end-stop switches -with blue cables (it is mentioned in user comments that cable connection markings to PCB board are switched)

-it is very easy to stripped end-stop switches, so if You do that, use piece of plastic tape to make thread more tight

(something like on this clip



-V2 hot end assembly instruction requires more detailed description, I had to disassembly my head twice before I figured out everything

-in some cases instead using lot of pressure to sit things correctly I used small hammer and piece of plywood (paint layer made everything much tighter)

-i have parts for heated bed option, so hopefully soon I will be able to do some ABS printing

-left side end-stop switch required some bending, if it is not done, head fan duct is hitting back side of the Z-stage

Right now I am impressed about how this kit is working out, and spent hour just looking how printer is making those precision prints, layer by layer...



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