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How to pick up a print job where it left off?

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how do the last layers look like? Is it a clean stop or is the material getting thinner and weaker? Is your object still attached on the platform?

It is possible to hack the gcode and continue, but you will always see were the split was, and hard to find out at exactly which layer to continue.

There are some posts on this subject somewhere, but it is a bit difficult to get it right, and only possible if your object is still in place.

Another option is (when the object is not on the platform) to print the rest and glue it together.

In Cura you can sink the object into the platform at the right spot and print it from there. Better to have some overlapping layers so you can sand both sides down to get an exact fit. Glue with PVC glue.

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continuing resuming rescuing failed print resume

First you need to use pronterface to find the exact layer to continue on.  Pronterface is here:


read all gr5 posts here:


post #9 here has specific code change example for um2 (ultigcode):


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I just discovered that the tinkerGnome version of Marlin does everything that I posted for you. I strongly recommend you get it - you can even print initially with regular marlin, then install tinkerGnome Marlin and finish the print wtih tinkerGnome marlin:



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