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Ultimaker2 problem

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Did you change anything?

Is it better with the latest firmware?


Hi. I already updated Cura and the firware of ultimaker2, but I’m still having problems. I did a new calibration but when it was starting printing, the buildplace went up and then went down two or three centimeters.

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Your Z motor is moving double speed.  something is wrong with the PCB that controls it.  I would try a factory reset because that will reset the "steps/mm" setting.  It's also possible that the stepper chip (the servo controller chip) it is set to 8 microsteps instead of 16.  That would also make it move double speed.

If none of these things slow down the Z then you should contact support.ultimaker.com and point them to that video you showed and tell them gr5 thinks the Z is moving at 2X speed and distance  for some reason.

Oh - you could move the Z say 10mm and see if it actually moves 20mm.  You can do this many ways - tinkergnome's marlin lets you do that I think but the easiest way would be with pronterface/printrun which is a free, easy to use - it has a nice gui - you hook your computer to the um2 with the standard usb cable and tell it to move 10mm in Z:


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