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Got me an ultimaker original kit , setting it up and wanted to ask about if anyone has found the holes on the wooden slider plates are too small for the linear barring's ? Its like such a tight fit it seems the individual wooden plates would snap in half if I force in the linear barring , im thinking about possibly gently widening the hole with a dremel tool maybe by 1mm , anyone had similar problems ? whats your thought on it ?

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I would not recommend to widen them. If they are just a bit too wide the bearing will slip out of the block and you will have serious troubles with your printer. I think I gently used a hammer. Just make sure you drive the bearing perpendicular into the wood and not tilted.

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Hi , ya I understand what you mean it cant be too wide. I forgot to mention also prior to assembly I had applied a wood protective varnish so that could also be the reason for the tighter fit. one thing im not sure about if I I got the print head assembled correctly , the aluminum block with the copper nozzle, I can move that around with my fingers and it will swivel slightly is it supposed to be that way ? Also for some reason I cannot get one of the long bolts through far enough to be able to secure a hex nut on the black fan so the fan currently only has one hex nut attached, both bolts are holding it just one of them isn't going through enough to secure a nut. 20151129_171220.thumb.jpg.d68c6373985a5c3ddfb56f9d475c80d9.jpg[/media][/media][/media][/media]


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