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Cura settings for 0.8 mm nozzle (Olsson block)

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Dear all,

I have my Olsson block mounted now (yeahhh).

Now I want to do a test print with 0.8 mm nozzle which came with the Olsson block.

In the past I printed only with the original heater block and the original 0.4 mm nozzle from Ultimaker.

My questions:

1. What settings I have to change in Cura to print with the 0.8 mm nozzle?

2. Is there anything else to consider printing with 0.8 mm compared to 0.4 mm?

Thanks a lot!

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You just need to change the Nozzle size in the advance menu. Everything else will recalculate based on that.

Usually you want to change the shell thickness whenever you change the nozzle as well. But since 0.8 is just double that of 0.4, you can leave that and get a much faster print with the same shell thickness as you would with a 0.4. Handy!

Also note that the infill will be more sparse spatially because the lines are thicker with the same settings so pillowing may be more likely to occur if you don't have enough top and bottom layers.

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I usually use 0 as my layer height (so it uses the same as the rest of the print) So in that case it should be fine.

If you have it on the default 0.3mm, as long as your layer height is equal to under 0.3mm (which it should be probably) you should be ok too.

I recommend getting use to 0 initial first layer though. You have to be much more precise in your bed leveling, but your parts will not come out with a flared bottom.

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