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15.04 Firmware Update Breaks Ultimaker 2?


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Posted · 15.04 Firmware Update Breaks Ultimaker 2?

My attempt to upgrade the firmware on our Ultimaker 2 from 15.02 to 15.04 results in an Ultimaker 2 that no longer operates. We just got an additional Ultimaker 2 Extended and I noticed a couple of improvements in its operation so I wanted to bring those changes to the older UM2 we bought at the beginning of the year.

What I Did:

- Installed the latest download of Cura on a laptop, including the Arduino drivers. TOLD IT I HAVE AN UM2.

- connected it to the running UM2

- Windows 7 thinks for a while and succeeds in setting up the USB drivers. Connecting

and disconnecting the UM2 gives the appropriate "ka-thunks" in Windows.

- Open Cura, choose menu "Machine>Install default firmware ...."

- small dialog/progress bar appears, says it is uploading firmware. At the same time, the illumination LEDs on the UM2 and the text display go dark.

- Progress bar completes, dialog says that update complete: MarlinUltimaker 2.hex

- LEDs come back up, illuminated dial gets brighter, then dims. BUT ......

- NOTHING ON THE TEXT DISPLAY. No menus, nothing happens when operating the dial or pushing it in.

- Power cycled, including completely disconnecting power. Can't get an operational startup.

- Repeat the firmware installation several times. Always appears to be uploading, always claims success.

- Yes, the Cura software says it is set for the UM2.

- But my Ultimaker is now not usable. I never get anything on the display.

- Thankful that I have the new UM2x to finish pending print jobs, but I NEED THIS MACHINE running too.

Note that we are an electronics shop servicing, designing and building engineering research instrumentation, so we can dig into this thing if need be, but it seems to be a software issue. Is there a way to revert? I suppose I should go look for an earlier version of Cura and try to reload from that?

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    Posted · 15.04 Firmware Update Breaks Ultimaker 2?

    Additional note: fooling with the menu dial after this failure, when I spin and push it, I do get the little beeps of various pitches that suggest it thinks I am selecting a menu item, but I have nothing on the display. I have never had an issue with the display before.

    Another note: I did uninstall Cura 15.04, install Cura 15.02, and do the whole thing over again. Similar results. I can click around on the menu, blindly, and something I selected started the printer moving, so it appears that I just have no display working. I would blame the display except that this happened with the firmware update, so it seems to be cause/effect.

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    Posted · 15.04 Firmware Update Breaks Ultimaker 2?

    Just a followup . . . . at the end of the day, with excellent e-mail support from fcbrc8 technicians, we found out that yes, the display itself had failed, and they sent me a replacement free under warranty that worked. It is really strange that it died at the exact time I ran the firmware update, but it is what it is. Works fine now with latest firmware (which, yes, is a definite improvement.)

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