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ended Community Contest, part 7 | The Final

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Hi everyone,

We started this series of Community Contests a few weeks ago to celebrate the Olsson Block campaign. They generated a lot of positive feedback and we are determined to continue the series but in a slightly adjust fashion.

We'll reconsider some of the rules. For example, the frequency per contest will be a little bit longer so everyone has time to participate and take a shot at some of the new amazing prizes!

(did anyone say coffeemug? :p)

But first, we are facing the final challenge, for an special edition Olsson Block set.

Leading up to this moment we have seen some amazing entries, from the smallest bearing to a Indiana Jones robot-party to hairy Apes. We loved them!

For the final community contest it is all about creativity, everything goes!

But stop! This does not mean it will be anarchy and chaos. There is a purpose.

You must 3D print this figurine and customize it any way you want!

For example: FullSizeRender.thumb.jpg.ee0ef9fba37bfb5c7ff65d87c4964508.jpg

In the example upload I have made Santa Clause and Link (fyi, he even has Navi on his shoulder screaming 'LISTEN')

and mr @GuyS made a Italian looking mine craft guy.

Feel free to get as creative as possible. Design your own special tools it can hold, change size, add ears or print it in rainbow colours. We want to see everything!




  • Your print needs to be printed on an Ultimaker.
  • We know how you all love hacking and modifying, so we have only one guideline: it must be printed on an Ultimaker.
  • Entries must be uploaded in the Print section. (Fill out your settings if you want. The winner agrees to share his settings at the end of the week).
  • Share the link and a picture of your upload in this thread.
  • Everyone can participate in every contest, but you can only win once.
  • You can participate until Sunday midnight CEST January 3rd.





  • We'll choose a winner primarily based on originality. Making a certain someone from the Ultimaker team could result in extra points ;)Or just cool details, making it an original, funny and creative entry!
  • We will announce each weeks winner on Monday in the corresponding thread on our forum, on our Twitter feed and Instagram!




Grab Cymon's customizable toy figurine here.

Upload your entry here.




  • The Olsson Block itself
  • 0.25mm nozzle
  • 0.4mm nozzle
  • 0.6mm nozzle
  • 0.8mm nozzle
  • 1.0mm nozzle
  • and a screwdriver and socket to swap nozzles



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Recently a gnome tramped into the headquarter for a spot check.

Was it a remote relative? I don't know...

Here are some snapshots which were leaked to us...

The face of the employee is blanked out to ensure absolute anonymity. :)



Come on - go above and beyond!

One week left...

As you can see - i had some fun during the holidays... :)


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Ok, i think i have to clarify:

Mine was a non-competitive entry, after all there is this rule:



  • Everyone can participate in every contest, but you can only win once.



Very important: Any resemblance to a living person is purely coincidental, likewise the resemblance to cats! :p

@Titus: it's just a copy of an idea from @ultiarjan

Not really neccessary, but funny to play with.. :)

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Lately, my Ultimaker2 refused to print the slightest string of plastic! In desperation I called the Ultimaker support and guess what: They promised to send their best men! 2 hours later the doorbell rang and Mr. Ultimaker himself entered, followed by some other guy. In no time, they revealed the root of my trouble: The nozzle was clogged! Some acupuncture needles and atomic pulls later my Ultimaker printed like never before. Thank you, Mr. Ultimaker!!


Link in Print Section: https://ultimaker.com/en/community/prints/2085-entry-for-community-contest-part-7

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Oh no! Professor Ultimaker disturbed the Egyptian mummies! Some crazy virus turned them into stretched zombies. Luckily with the mysterious powers of the Ancient Moai Professor Ultimaker was able to summon Joenny the Cube to fight against the zombie!



Not sure why the image is rotated?


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Hi @Titus and @avogra,

due to all the excitement and necessary preparations about the Ultimaker 2+ launch I lost track of time and neglected to announce a winner.

@avogra was also kind enough to remind me of this.

But here we are. We need a winner!

And we have one..




Your entry was very creative and we all enjoyed it. Plus it fitted all the rules and you are the true winner of the last Olsson Block-contests. Congratulations! :)

Seeing the web I thought it was gonna be a spiderman, but instead it was Mr. Ultimaker-man. Even better! .. When is Marvel gonna make a movie about him? :p

We'll keep these contests alive, stay tuned for the next one!

I'll reach out to @avogra about sending you your prize.

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