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Problems in printing with PLA

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Posted · Problems in printing with PLA

Hello to all.

Here is a new member of this magnificent forum.

I have bought my Ultimaker just one month ago and looking forward to learn exploit this miracle machine.

" If you want some honey be prepared to wasp's sting" as they said.

Some problems needs to be solved.

I have tried to print couple of parts loaded from Thingiverse with my Ultimaker.

With ABS printer worked very well but when I changed filament to PLA, troubles began.

First printer make the "grid net" below the object just fine but some 10-15 layers after, appears the first loose strings.

This means that object printing must be canceled to avoid waste of filament.

I have Cura 12.08 on my computer and it works well with the Ultimaker.

Here is the profile of printing parameters that with I tried to print PLA:


machine_center_x = 100

machine_center_y = 100

flip_x = False

flip_y = False

flip_z = False

swap_xz = False

swap_yz = False

model_scale = 1.0

model_rotate_base = 0

filament_diameter = 3.1

nozzle_size = 0.4

layer_height = 0.1

wall_thickness = 1.2

solid_layer_thickness = 0.6

fill_density = 30

skirt_line_count = 1

skirt_gap = 6.0

print_speed = 50

print_temperature = 0

support = None

enable_raft = False

filament_density = 1.00

retraction_min_travel = 5.0

retraction_speed = 40.0

retraction_amount = 0.0

retraction_extra = 0.0

travel_speed = 150

max_z_speed = 3.0

bottom_layer_speed = 15

cool_min_layer_time = 10

fan_enabled = True

bottom_thickness = 0.2

enable_skin = False

extra_base_wall_thickness = 0.0

cool_min_feedrate = 5

fan_layer = 1

fan_speed = 100

fan_speed_max = 100

raft_margin = 5

raft_base_material_amount = 100

raft_interface_material_amount = 100

support_rate = 50

support_distance = 0.5

infill_type = Line

solid_top = True

fill_overlap = 15

bridge_speed = 100

sequence = Loops > Perimeter > Infill

force_first_layer_sequence = True

joris = False

retract_on_jumps_only = True

enable_dwindle = False

dwindle_pent_up_volume = 0.4

dwindle_slowdown_volume = 5.0

What can I do to get my Ultimaker to print PLA properly?

Can someone please help me?



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Posted · Problems in printing with PLA

Odd, the defaults have been made to print with PLA, so the setting you have should be fine. Are you sure you are not swapping the ABS and PLA and where printing with PLA just fine?

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Posted · Problems in printing with PLA

or, is all the abs well removed before you started with pla,

if there is some left and doesn't melt at pla temp. it will block the flow...

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Posted · Problems in printing with PLA


Thanks for these tips.

I guess I have to check the nozzle.

I'll let you know what was the reason for incorrect printing with PLA.

Br. Aarne

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