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1.5.7 Board LED output max current

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Sorry I missed the original topic:

Uhm, I wouldn't know, except that leds don't really use that much power so therefor it shouldn't be a problem. I'm running 3 IKEA dioder strips of that port.


Thanks for your reply. I am running three short LED stripes on that port also.

But what I wanted was 'hard facts & numbers' ;)in order to don't damage the board on the long-term.

It seems that it is some kind of secret, so we will never know it exactly ;)

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I also would like to know this. My original lights have dimmed and yellowed significantly over the years and I bought a 24V LED strip here:


Current draw should be max 600mA for the 1m strip. I hope this will be fine, but interested to know the maximum before assuming.

Any responses would be appreciated.

Kind regards,


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