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lRobertI Feeder Problems--- strange noise?


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Posted · lRobertI Feeder Problems--- strange noise?

Hi :)

I had in the last days some unterextrusion problems, so i change the Feeder to Roberts Design.


Ok after a small conversation with Robert, he advised me to 38mm YOKE....

But after the mounting of Feeder Arm with Yoke (its really hard, because of the very tight spring) this noise came....


ok this noise comes form the feeder ....

because of this and also the 38mm Yoke is soooo tight on the feeder driving wheel (whats the correct name for this?) and i fear damage like like not round anymore because of the damage....

So i printet nor the 36mm... there the i do not get a filament flow... only then i press the arm more to the feeder body i get a flow.... look for the black mark


so what can i do now? ok print the 37mm Yoke now, i know :)

But before i want to ask here, what i did wrong, what can i do better, and why this noise is...

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    Posted · lRobertI Feeder Problems--- strange noise?

    I stopped worrying too much about strange noises... There are many moving parts in the printer and after some use, they do "settle in". Sometimes it is the filament thats spooled too tight and the feeder has a hard time to pull it in. Or it might be a temporary change in diameter for the filament where the feeder again has to push harder to get the filament through the nozzle.

    Btw. in your second video, do you see the black speck that's traveling up with the filament? This is very bad since it will get into the nozzle and possibly clog it. So if you get inexplicable under extrusion, remember to do some atomic pulls.

    A dust filter is a good idea too: Link

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