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Couple of things about new Cura (1.99 20151117) that really bug me.

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First, I love the added flexibility of all the settings.

I don't think these things would be hard to fix, and they would go a long way to improve my user experience.

One thing that bothers me is the notes in the right hand menu that sometimes  say "X hidden settings use custom values".  The fact that these values are hidden leaves me to guess which ones.  I don't believe that I hid them by the way.  I don't think the profile is retaining display of all the display of options I have set when a profile is reloaded.  Because its a mystery as to which modified settings are hidden, I feel the need to review all the settings to figure out which were changed.  It seems that I could check all the boxes and sometimes a note will still indicate 1 or more hidden settings with custom values.

My request would be to force the display of all settings with custom values.

Another thing is that when custom profiles are saved and reloaded, they are nearly indistinguishable other profiles because the file name applied when you save the profile does not load into Cura for display.  Every profile derived from the Normal Quality profile will be displayed as "Normal Quality (Customized)".  By default, this permits multiple different profiles to appear in Cura by the same name.  Not very user friendly.  The problem seems to be that the name displayed in Cura is not the file name of the profile, but a text string within the file.  Yes, you can manually edit the text variable to clear everything up, but why should that be necessary?  Most users are not programmers and are not the least bit comfortable editing support files, and it is unnecessary work.  

Can the displayed name instead just simply be the file name of the profile, or can the text string somehow automatically be set to equal the file name?

Another idea, when Cura is closed, or the profile is swapped for another, could Cura prompt if the user would like to save recent profile changes (if any)

Thanks for listening.  Not so much complaining as try to help progress.


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Hi @mastory,

I am currently reworking how profiles are handled in the new Cura. It will be a little more like in the old Cura, where you have one active profile per machine, and creating/storing a new profile will be a deliberate action where you're entering a name yourself. So there will no longer be "Normal Quality (Customised)" profiles (unless you create them yourself).

I'll be revisiting this post to make sure I got most of your suggestions in (though I cannot promise I'll get them all for the first iteration).

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