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Does the Ultimaker 2+ make reliable prints at 25 micron resolution?

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I've been warned away from the Ultimaker 2+ by a vendor on 3DHubs.com because I wanted a 25 micron figurine from the Ultimaker 2+, and I was told he never uses any resolution lower than 100 microns because the "25 micron figurine doesn't produce reliable prints, and isn't worth pursuing at that resolution."

Any help in this question would be greatly appreciated - it's guiding a major purchasing decision.

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25 micron is very very small for any FDM printer out there. But I'd say that if one printer is able to achieve that resolution reliably then it would be the Ultimaker 2+. Since you can change nozzle sizes, you would be able to pick a small nozzle and print with it.

You just need to be realistic about resolution. Any technology has its limits.

If you can share the figurine, I am sure some users here would love to try their hand at printing it. Then you can decide for yourself.

And one more thing, the people on 3DHubs.com are not vendors. Most are just private users that happen to have a 3D printer so quality and experience does vary greatly.

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