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Cura Print Estimate Accuracy

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I received the Ultimaker 2 extended a couple months ago and mainly printed smaller objects. Today I began to print the largest model I've made. Its roughly 22cm high and 10 cm wide. In Cura, the predicted print time was 11 hours. It has now been printing for 3 hours and the estimated time is 66 hours! I set my speed to 100 mm/s with the only exception being bottom which I set for 20 mm/s.

Should I rely on the Cura estimate or the printers estimate? How could the two estimates be so off?


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Go with the cura estimate.

The difference is that cura takes into account what each layer looks like. It does a "dry run" of sorts to get the estimate.

The estimate on the printer is pretty inaccurate, especially in the beginning. Basically what it does is "this layer took X seconds to complete, I have Y more layers to go, therefore remaining time must be X*Y". And since the first layer is printed slower and might be twice the size of some other layers in the model you can see how it can get things very wrong.

edit: Also be aware that 100mm/s is pretty fast so don't be too surprised if you see some underextrusion.

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