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Print quality: Part and Support material interface is TERRIBLE

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Posted · Print quality: Part and Support material interface is TERRIBLE


I'm trying to print a part with a couple of internal ribs, and the interface between the support material and the part is a gnarled mess.

First, a photo


As you can see on the right side a bit, there are supposed to be two ribs running the length of the part, but they are a complete disaster. The support grid came away as intended, but everything above it was, well you can see for yourself. I have already set the support gap to 0 to try to limit this effect.

Bed is leveled with .002" shim and the first layer is printed nicely. I tried to print two parts one after another, and the 2nd part came out with half of it in shambles (even though the exterior finished well...). No delamination there.

Here's another part from a couple of weeks ago. You can see the support layer is built up, but then the next part layers are terrible.


Do I need to increase my grid density to limit the amount of bridging that occurs? Is there something other than slow, slow, slow that is needed? Belts are tight and lead screw is freshly lubricated.



Date: 1/26/2016

Material: ABS (White)

Print Temp °C: 250

Bed Temp °C: 100

Cura Settings: 15.04.4

Layer height (mm): 0.06

Shell thickness (mm): 0.8

Bottom/Top thickness (mm): 0.6

Initial Layer Thickness (mm): 0.28

Fill Density (%): 100

Print Speed (mm/s): 50

Travel Speed (mm/s): 50

Bottom Layer Speed (mm/s): 20

Infill Speed (mm/s): 0

Top/Bottom Speed (mm/s): 0

Outer Shell Speed (mm/s): 0

Inner Shell Speed (mm/s): 0

Support Type: Grid

Overhange Angle (deg): 60

Fill Amount (%): 20

Distance X/Y (mm): 0.7

Distance Z (mm): 0

Platform Adhesion: Brim

Line Amount: 25

Nozzle Size (mm): 0.4

Cooling Fan: Enabled



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