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Ultimaker Origonal stopped part way through printing

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Posted (edited) · Ultimaker Origonal stopped part way through printing

So ultimaker origonal, using teh ultimaker controller, using the stock SD card (that my be the issue)

just installed my new hot end (including the thermometer and thermistor) so all new parts to clear up the manky parts.

so third attempt at the attached part.

first two times, the fillament got stuck, had an issue where the electric thermometer actually got discmmected and i think just fused some fillament solid inside the hot end.

but this time, it just stopped. I notice there is no noise, go over and its got part way, and the head is all the way over to the left, still heated, and a bit of fillament stringing out. but note xtruding, no error on screen. couldnt continue print from the menu.

checked all my belts and grub nuts and everything is tight!

so could it just be badly sliced Gcode? i have a bit of a dodgey card reader, and still using the SD card that came with my ultimaker controller, but i have never run into an issue before.

I am doing some test prints on other things now. but i thought 3rd time would be a charm


after looking closer i notice that my temperature readfing flugtuates like mad. hopping between 198, then to 210, then to 200 as each "tick" of the frequency the ultimaker controller screen updates. obviously its not really doing this, but is reading wrong?

Mediafire download for .STL file



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