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Extruder-independent start.gcode that is called after the extruder-specific codes. (i.e. "center head" code)

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As I understand it - please correct me if wrong - there is a start.gcode for every extruder, which is called in sequence, for every extruder used in the print.

Which means that if I have a dual extruder, and the code to center/reset the printhead is in the start2.gcode, it is only called if the second nozzle/extruder is actually used!

Which caused the printhead to almost slam into the right wall since it wasn't centered on 0 (I never bother to do this, as the gcode should contain that information).

I'm assuming there is an easy workaround for this already, like putting the reset code in start.gcode instead of start2.gcode (although I suppose then it wouldn't be called if one only used the other extruder?).

Moving it to another section would make most sense, though (IMO), since in my case, I used a predefined configuration, never even thinking about the details until I tried to print a single color model.

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The start2.gcode is the startcode that is called for a dual extrusion print. The start.gcode is only called when doing a single extrusion print.

I don't quite know what you mean by resetting your printhead. Marlin simply uses an offset; You work in the coordinate system of the primary nozzle onto which it applies the offset.

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I'm using Cura - should have mentioned that...

What I mean by resetting is the code that moves the printhead to the 0/0/0 position, moves Z up a bit, extrudes some filament, then moves to the start point of the print.

How does the program decide wether it is a single or dual extrusion? Number of materials used? Or machine settings?

If I have a machine set up as dual extruder, and only use one material - which coding is used?

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For standard Cura, i.e without any dual extrusion add-ins present.

The "resetting" movement is independent of the number of extruders.

If you are using 1 extruder, i.e. T0 then Cura just does the "resetting" without any reference to the extruders. I assume the default (contained in the firmware??) is T0.

If you have 2 extruders then Cura performs the initial movement, as said above with no reference to extruders; swaps to T1 and extrudes; swaps to T0 and extrudes; carries on.

The Cura generated G code will reflect 2 extruders rather than 1 (irrespective of how many are fitted to the printer) if...

* you enter 2nd extruder under Support on the Basic tab

* (I think) - if the model you load is two .stl files combined

I cannot be sure on the 2nd point as I have not done dual extrusion with Cura. My presumption would be that in this case another dialogue would appear to assign which extruder to which .stl file


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