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3D printing filament discussion Feb 27th at Workshop Cafe SF, CA

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Posted · 3D printing filament discussion Feb 27th at Workshop Cafe SF, CA

Hey Everyone! My name is Teddy and I'm a 3D Hubs Student Ambassador for San Francisco!

I'd like to hold a 3D printing hangout at the Workshop Cafe in downtown San Francisco Feb 27th. The topic of the meetup will be filaments and their uses. There are tons of different filaments out there and many of them are fairly similar with their own differences.

A few I would like to focus on are:

1. Colorfabb's XT based carbon fiber Vs ProtoPasta's PLA based carbon fiber

2. Colorfabb's XT vs nGen

A friend of mine that is looking to attend would also like to discuss PET filaments. I do not have any experience with PET so I would love to talk about it.

Along with comparing different filaments I would also like to discuss their best uses/applications. I've had a few discussions with a friend of mine debating the two available carbon fibers and what applications they are better suited to. If we can I would like people who would like to attend to bring in some test prints so we can compare more hands on.

If anyone has any other filament types or a related topic please post about it here so we can get discussions going.

I would also like to welcome any Ultimaker users to this meetup so we can discuss the Olsson block for the UM2. I've been using one for a while now and it has made my life so much easier. If you're an Ultimaker 2 user and do not have an Olsson block yet, please send me a message and I may have one available for you.

Nothing is set in stone yet, this is just a post to get users interested in the topic and gauge how many of you would be available for the 27th.

Like I mentioned earlier, I'm looking for host this event at Workshop Cafe because of its convenient location and available space for us. I know they sell/make food there so I'm not sure how they are about bringing outside food in yet. I would like to provide some snacks and drinks for everyone so if anyone has a venue they could suggest for us to use please let me know.

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