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New Replicator 2 ? Looks good

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I just spotted that replicator has just released there new printer Replicator 2.

I gotta say, it looks good.

But MakerBot seem to be really running in the direction of a HP style printer company... But the printer cheap then buy the special material from us. wohaaaa..

and i know every one will point out that the printer uses PLA but if you look at the wroding on their site. they are selling maker bot PLA !! that wont curl or warp or schrink !

In the minds of many, that is in effect a different product... interesting marketing going on there...

But it looks really nice !

Anyone tested it yet ?

Ian :D

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Uhm, they released it quite a while ago. I've seen one on the MiniMakerfaire in Groningen, It was producing lower quality prints then the Ultimaker. They announced that they print directly on the bed, but the one in Groningen had tape on the bed.

It looks ok in black, but not as good as a Cannon printer for example. It's looking like a black Replicator-1.

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i just had some great fun reading the makerbot google groups.

just read the lines of complaints coming from new buyers of the replicator 2.

every thing from alligment, print heads, un level print bed and big problems with the extruder... also the quality is crap and no one can even get the HIGH QUALITY setting working..

It seems like a big horrible elephant pushed into a bakini and the marketing people are trying to sell it as the next miracle thing.... hehehe :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


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The high-quality setting is good old SF50 without speedup options. So it's quite a bit worse then Cura speed wise and memory wise.

They do have some good GUI ideas in MakerWare, so we might steal some ideas for Cura.

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