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Is there any SIMPLE test firmware for UM2?

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This may be a stupid question, but I was wondering if someone has simple firmware for the UM2

for testing basic functionality such as:

- If the limit switches are detected correctly

- If the temperature sensors are working correctly

- If the stepper motors are working correctly

- If the LED and Fan PWMs are working correctly,


You guessed it, it's because I am in the process of building my own UM2 (a slightly taller version than the Extended) and I cannot use the UM2 default firmware for this, since it first goes through the calibration process, which must succeed before the menu becomes available.

For example:

The limit switch test would display a message like "X limit switch activated" every time

the X limit switch is closed, etc..

This test also would include confirming that what the software means by X indeed corresponds with the X switch (i.e. that the X and Y switches are not exchanged)

The stepper X, Y and Z motor tests would provide things like: If I turn the control knob left,

then the motor turns in one direction, and when I turn the knob right, it turns in the other direction,

with the speed being adjustable.

This test would also indicate whether the motors turn in the correct direction (i.e. what the

software thinks is the left direction for the X axis really makes the head turning to the left rather

than to the right, etc...).

For the PWM tests, idem: turning the knob left or right increases or decreases the PWM frequency,


Simple and basic tests to ensure everything is set, working, or detected correctly.

I'm too new to 3D to write such firmware myself for the moment by looking at the UM2 firmware code,

but I hope that I will be able to write such thing after some more study if none is available at the moment.


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This is exactly what I needed!

It helped me debug my build and I found two problems with it:

1. One of the Y motor cables was loose (bad connector crimp by myself), which explains the stuttering without rotating.

2. The Y limit switch was not working because again, a bad connector crimp by myself...

Thanks a lot again for telling me about this tool!

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