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Great solution for use of big spools (2.2 kg)

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Posted · Great solution for use of big spools (2.2 kg)

Hello all,

I bought myself some big Colorfabb PLA spools (2.2kg) to use with my UM2+ ext.

But putting the spool on whatever spool holder you use, gives you this result :


You can use filament guides and other tricks but they all will cause friction. There is no way to get the filament directly in the filament feeder without guiding it around. (and causing friction)

So I worked together with Andreas from www.3dprinterstore24.de That's the one that came up with the doors and top covers for our Ultimaker I'm thankfully using every day. (here's a link to an old forum thread with pics of the cover and door)

Anyway, we came up with a great solution for every day use of big spools. I know you can put them on the ground etc etc but those are all no options for me because I have dogs that run around the house all day. :)

This big spool holder uses 4 bearings to cause minimal friction.

I personally LOVE IT.

Here are pictures of the prototype I'm using.






this is the prototype :


I thought I'd share this with you people cause I'm probably not the only one using big spools. :)



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Posted · Great solution for use of big spools (2.2 kg)


I can't believe that the plus will not take the larger colorfabb spools. I have an um2 and have just ordered the plus. Seems like a massive oversight.

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Posted · Great solution for use of big spools (2.2 kg)

IMHO the spoolholder on the UM2+ is rather poor. Even some of the 1kg spools don't fit properly, the darn thing was squeaking and the filament ended up rubbing either against the spool or the feeder intake or both. With one type of spools (esun i think it was) the filament would get dragged off the spool and fall in the void between spool and the back wall.

I was not happy about all this.

Now, the big 2kg holder in frederiekpascals post was a bit overkill for me, but I ended up buying something similar to IRobertI's spool holder (Youmagine) ) at 3dprinterstore24.de and am very happy with it.

Bought it instead of printing IRobertIs mostly because I only have PLA and no bearings, rods, nuts or anything and the price seemed fair and I needed to order the UltiTop hood from them as well.

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