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I don't have an ultimaker printer, but I use Cura to print with. I had to attach an acrylic base plate to my printer because the original got trashed on the first print. My problem is that the acrylic is melting. I need to be able to raise the head, heat it, then put the head down and start printing. I tried writing some G-Code to do this. When I click the print button, the printer heats, on the print bed, then raises, then stops, and does not continue.


;Sliced at: {day} {date} {time};Basic settings: Layer height: {layer_height} Walls: {wall_thickness} Fill: {fill_density};Print time: {print_time};Filament used: {filament_amount}m {filament_weight}g;Filament cost: {filament_cost};M190 S{print_bed_temperature} ;Uncomment to add your own bed temperature line\G21        ;metric valuesG90        ;absolute positioningM82        ;set extruder to absolute modeM107       ;start with the fan offG28 X0 Y0  ;move X/Y to min endstopsG28 Z0     ;move Z to min endstopsG1 Z5.0M109 S{temerature}  ;Uncomment to add your own temperature lineG1 Z0.0G1 Z15.0 F{travel_speed} ;move the platform down 15mmG92 E0                  ;zero the extruded lengthG1 F200 E3              ;extrude 3mm of feed stockG92 E0                  ;zero the extruded length againG1 F{travel_speed};Put printing message on LCD screenM117 Printing...


Please help, I need this printer to be working.

Thanks in advance!

- David

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Posted · Extruder Heating

Don't print straight onto the acrylic. Use painters tape (it's usually blue - or you can use frog brand green tape or you can use masking tape). Make sure you clean the tape with isopropyl (aka rubbing) alcohol first to remove the wax or your parts won't stick as well.

"then raises" I assume is what you mean when it does the G1 Z5 (go 5mm above the bed).

M109 - sets the temp and wait - this is probably where it seems to be stopping.

Some versions of marlin insist the temp doesn't fluctuate by even 1C over say 5 seconds and this is a bit extreme so maybe your temp is oscillating and Marlin refuses to start printing. You could try preheating yourself or you could use M104 (set temp but don't wait) combined with either M0 or M1.

M0 S100

Waits 100 seconds (most firmwares)


Pauses until you tell the printer to continue - typically through some kind of controller or through usb command.

more about gcodes here:


You might want to monitor the temperature carefully and see if it's oscillating a lot - if so maybe you should do a PID autotune.

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