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So for my third print I decided to try some thing more advanced.... after realigning the x and y axels, I printed http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:26586 from thingyverse. the base turned out absolutly fine, no slant noticed. then I printed the body and got this


my guess is that a belt in the x direction is jumping maybe? Any help would be appreciated.

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    based on what we have seen in recent months, and assuming that your belts are nice and tight, is that your XY gantry is not moving easily (not well oiled, and possibly not square), and that one of the stepper drivers in tuned too low. I would check the lubrication problem first (don't use the grease on the XY rods), and then unplug your UM, and check the stepper driver for the motor that seems to be skewing in one direction: http://wiki.ultimaker.com/Electronics_build_guide#Tuning_the_stepper_motor_drivers and make sure it is tuned between "9 and 10 o'clock"

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    Thanks for the quick awnser, Ill try that as soon as I get home. unfortunately I think it may be the gantry not beeing square, as the rods are fairly smeary. and I didnt mess with the stepper drivers (intentionally).

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    I dont understand where the problem is... i checked all the things suggested, but I still get a slanted print. I did notice something though... it isnt slanted when I print smaller objects.only large objects (larger than 6cm in the x direction) seem to have the issue. also the short belt connected directly to the motor seems to be somewhat frayed, and regardless of how tight or loose i make it, and where I position the pully it "rotates" about 30° depending on the print direction. the belt connected to the other stepper does this as well, but not as exreem (maybe 5-10°).this obiously happens due to the belt rubbing against the side of the pullys, but maybe it also points to something else.

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    You are saying that you can see your pulleys are rotating relative to the stepper shafts (which they should never do) ?

    I think you dont need to look any further for your problem, unless I completely misunderstood what you meant by

    "where I position the pully it "rotates" about 30°"

    Sounds like they all need to be properly tightened.

    The fraying is due to them being axially misaligned, and due to the fact that the pulley belt-guide side plates

    have sharp edges that will eat into the belt if your pulleys are not 100% aligned with eachother axially.

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    yes, I understand why it was fraying, unfortunately I havent been able to alighn it perfectly. as for what I mean by rotating, I am refering to the belt.... I may have done a very bad job of describeing it :) so Ill try again.

    The short belt which is connected to the stepper moves rotates, depending on which way the motor is turning but on top of rotating the belt on the y axis (from the motor), the belt is also rotating 30° on the z axis (both sides of the belt) depending on which way the motor is moving, the belt moves +15° or -15°.

    The reason for this, is that it rubs on the edge of the pully, so the friction pulls one side up at the motor and the other side up at the other end (pully).

    I tried tightening it as far as it would go, but it didnt fix the problem. In the end I simply replaced the belt, and it now seems to run smoothly. My guess is that it was just a defective belt, thogh I still get the rotating issue, but it doesnt have (much, if any) affect on the printing, that I can determin.

    I should probably post a picture...

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm extremely new to this. Only had my printer a little over 10 days and i'm getting this exact same problem but my belts have not yet frayed.

    I noticed the problem after I heard a squealing noise coming from the general vacinity of my Y axis stepper motor I have tried repositioning all the pulleys and have levelled the bed several times since doing so. In addition to this I cannot get rid of the squealing noise and or the twisitng motion in the short belt on the Y axis motor. Do you think I need to replace the belt due to a permanent deformation? Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks, Adam.

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