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Stopping UM2 from printing via USB

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Hi, not sure if this is in the correct area. Feel free to move this thread if it is.

I have an Ultimaker 2 here at work, and have remote access to the computers here. On large print jobs I would like to be able to stop a print if it's failing. I can already view the print job via remote access and webcam. I noted that it was mentioned elsewhere on the forums here that printing directly from USB cable isn't recommended or supported. I'm happy to print via an SD card though, I just need to be able to stop the printer via PC. If Cura is not able to interrupt a print, is there any other options of software out there that may be able to?

Thanks in advance for any help/advise.


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You could use Repetier Host to control your printer (much better) and use Cura to slice and save the produced gcode. I think the latest version of RH has a link to invoke Cura and automatically load the created gcode . Not sure if you have to use the RH firmware, I do. My version has links to Slic3r and Skeinforge - I did not like the new version as I found the new founts too small.


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I know this is old, but I have the same setup as you, and I found a way to abort the print from the lastest version of Cura via USB.

I have an Ultimaker 2 Extended+, webcam, and a Windows 10 computer with TeamViewer on it.

I start an SD card print and watch it remotely with TeamViewer and a webcam. If I need to abort for some reason, I just open Cura, which initiates a USB connection to the Ultimaker, stopping the print.

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