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Beyond Slideblocks for umo to use um2 shafts/hotend

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This it's atm an unfinished design, but so far it's working perfectly (12h print time) so I think it's ok for now.

What it does

- Can use larger um2 hotend x/y rods or umo shafts.

- It changes/shifts the height of the shafts to match the um2 setup

I won't do a installation manual since I want to avoid beginners until I do at least 2-3 weeks of use since something might happen and I prefer that it happens to me rather than someone else.

The goal, it's to gain more print area, to match the um2 print area but for that this will need more than just printed parts, like:

- Rearranging x/y endstops

- Drilling 2-4 holes for the endstops new positions.

- Probably it would need a custom firmware to use the new endstops 0 as the end of the bed because if you just invert x/y... it should just work? I need to read more about how um2 works with the endstops on the other side, probably it's simple.

- New start/end gcode head to avoid hitting the bedclips, like um2 does.

- More tests

Problems so far

- The slideblock on the back, the one near the Z shafts, when using a 25mm m3 screw to fix the slideblock, it might hit the shafts, so far I fixed on mine using just 20mm m3 screws since it grips the slideblock just enough, but that's isn't the best solution. By making the umo addon screw hole 1mm deeper the problem should disappear.

- It need's a great deal of force to take out the umo shafts, this could be easily fixed changing the slideblocks-umoshaft part so it doesn't grip like um2 but just two half circles (pretty much like twisterblocks that the design it's based on).


Umo shafts, with a um2 hotend, works. OFC it's muuuuch simplier to print the rotated top part that meduza has on youmagine. But I don't want to just upgrade to um2 hotend, but gain the extra print area.

I won't do more updates on this until I get lots of free time. But the next step it's just to get 2 um2 x/y rods and test the grip/stability.

Files are on https://www.youmagine.com/designs/beyond-umo-um2-slideblocks

Update 19/05/16:

- Added V3 of the slideblocks.

-Much improved umo shaft grip, and fixed some stuff with the bottom slideblock.

- Parts are set 'ready to print' no supports needed for any part.

- V3 now has improved the GT2/MXL belt grip and now it has a hole for M3x10mm screw to 'Grip' the um2 shaft. It's very important to 'mark' the holes before assembling everything with a screw or with a m3 cap (if you use pla with a screw it's very easy and fast to do).

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On all my 3 umo+ I use 303 tooth belts, with UM2+ hotends (modded) and they fit well, using the same central shafts align like um2.


(don't mind the print quality much, since I print this stuff as fast as possible)

This is the latest Neo-Gudo slideblocks:


This ones only work with open belt, I had to cut some tooths (like 3-4 I think) to use it. Also I have another version that is for closed belt. I think open belt is quite nice, being able to tighten them is quite nice. But also, the closed belt did work without loosing tension for a year+ and I print a lot.

But ofc, this new slideblocks use M2.5 screws, otherwise they would use more space. The advantage ofc, is that you gain a few mm on print area, and changing the endstops + firmware you could use the long central shafts of a um2 to use the whole bed like a um2. But so far I never did that mod because I never print anything bigger than 20x20

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