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Cura 2.1.2, UM2+ Material setting question (The setting in Cura, not in firmware)

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Hi folks,

I have recently upgraded my UM2 with the extrusion upgrade kit. I have also upgraded Cura to 2.1.2 to check it out.

I am confused, however, by the Material setting in Cura (not in the printer). You can choose PLA, ABS or CPE. But I do no see a way to add other materials? What about XT and PLA/PHA and Polycarbonate and Ninjaflex, etc. etc.?

Also, if the firmware is supposed to keep track of the material being used, why does the new Cura need to know?

I looked at some generated gcode comparing PLA to ABS and the gcode is different is some places? Is this an optimization or something? if so, then again, what about other materials?

Finally, I think I saw a screenshot somewhere of 2.1.x that did not have the Material option. So, I am wondering if maybe it is just not supposed to show up form UM2s. (Maybe for UMOs or when doing USB printing?)

Anyway, I am just wondering if anyone can help un-confuse me? :) Thanks very much!

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We had to rush the materials in for the 2.1 release. As a result, it's far from perfect!

The next releases will have a system for this, along with a large number of other improvements.

Ah, I see. Okay, so for now, would you suggest I just use the PLA (or ABS) setting for all weird materials? I.e. is there a current setting I and get by with for now? Or should I go back to the old Cura for now?

Thanks very much! :)

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Hi, i configured my custom printer as a modyfication of ultimaker original. I'm trying to add custom materials to list (by adding and editting *.cfg files in materials>>general folder). Materials are working fine, but after restarting the Cura it starts with printer configuration (add) wizzard. I tried back up *.cfg files, but it doesn't help.

Do you have any solution?

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