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Ubuntu: Support / discussion on software packages hosted in my PPA

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As I my PPA is mentioned in different places, I just thought to open a topic here for all questions and discussions related to it.

Here a short summary about it:


  • It is a personal project and Ultimaker does not give any support on it. (Not mentioned in the FAQ)
  • The benefit compared to the "fat bundle" provided by Ultimaker is that some software dependencies get installed multiple times across your installation when using the "bundle" by Ultimaker. Using my PPA you only install Cura. When looking at the upcoming 2.2 release (currently "master") you'll need to upgrade PyQt5 to 5.5, but it is available in the "master" PPA, too.
  • There are two PPAs: One for stable (2.1) builds and one for weekly builds (what you know as "master" on GitHub.
  • Updates and bugfixes for the current stable release (2.1) are sometimes earlier provided than by Ultimaker
  • The weekly builds are not meant to be used for daily use, of course!
  • I need to prepare the package updates manually, so sometimes builds might be delayed.



Open an terminal and type in:


sudo add-apt-repository ppa:thopiekar/cura


(for stable)


sudo add-apt-repository ppa:thopiekar/cura-master


(for master)

Then update the package database and install Cura via:


sudo apt update



sudo apt install cura


If you had "curaengine" installed before. Make sure that you do a:


sudo apt dist-upgrade


Have fun!

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