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3Dsolex MATCHLESS nozzles on UMO anyone ?

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Hey @SandervG, @catohagen!

Yes, they fit.

It is right they do not fit perfectly since they make not "head" contact with the heater block, but this is almost fully compensated by the longer threading!

It will extend from block less , so you need to align the bed a little higher up.

Make sure, like with ordinary nozzles, that there is a full and firm contact between the nozzle and the brass-rod/screw, else you will have a leak!

Will be interesting to see your results!

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Hi, got some Matchless nozzles in the mail today, been testing a few hours now, and indeed they fit great and works great on Ultimaker Orginal *thumbs up*

At work we print alot of prototype machine parts and speaker parts and rarely there is small details, so I re-printed some parts that was previously printed with the standard 0.4mm nozzle and got great results.

Still with 0.2 layerheight with 1.0mm nozzle, parts look good and way faster to print (2.5x)

With 0.6mm layerheight on the 1.0mm nozzle the prints stopped looking good :) and  dimensions where off abit, but some adjustments in Cura could maybe help with those issues.

I like the 2 hole solution where the filament enters, intuition tells me this helps greatly with softening the material for faster feedrate.

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For an Ultimaker Original owner, what improvements would one see if they replaced the stock 0.4 nozzle with the Matchless 0.4?  



On 3DSolex.com it says just faster prints. There are apparently some engineering inside the nozzles (since its patent pending), that enables them to melt filament faster.

I didnt get me a 0.4mm matchless nozzle, since I was after >0,6mm, But got a 0,25mm one, i'm currently printing a new lower fanduct with this (0,25mm nozzle, 0,1mm layerheigh, colorfabb pla, 220C and 50mm/s feed)...5hr print, hope it goes well :)

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The ones with the internal structure have the "race" adjective added. As in "Matchless Race Nozzle". @LePaul I won't have any .4mm race nozzles for about 4 more weeks - maybe around August 20, 2016. I have .6mm and larger though - just not in the store yet but contact me directly if you want one.

You can't do cold pulls with these - well you can - but it's trickier.

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Thanks, @gr5 I know I would be interested in getting some things from you (the better/more slippery Bowden tube, new coupler, etc) Ping me on Facebook if you want when you have those

I'm really interested to understand the improvements from stock 0.4 to this new nozzle for a UMO. I see there's more changed for the UM2/Olsson Block.

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