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Heatsink on the stepper drivers....

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While removing the fan shroud for the board I seemed to have popped one of my heat sinks off of a stepper driver. I've ordered some 3m 8815 thermo tape as it looked like this was the most likely adhesive for holding the heat sink on. Has anyone else has this issue. Secondly, since its popped off now anyways are there any better heat sinks out there? For instance would copper ones be likely to make a difference? I'm also making the assumption that I shouldn't run the machine until I have the heat sink back on the chip.


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the heat sinks that come with it are fine. I don't find that they get all that hot. 2 of mine fell off in transit.

I used silastic on the sides just holding it down (not between heat sink and chip)

there is also a type of tape especially for the purpose that you can get from electronics suppliers which I am using now

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When I ask about alternatives I'm thinking something along these lines:

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.a ... 6835708011

The current heat sinks are about 6.4mm X 8mm X 4.8mm where those copper ones are 6.5mm X 6.5mm and the top would have to be trimmed as the height is 12mm?

it is just a small heatsink... you can cut up a bigger one and reuse it... old electronics/amplifiers etc are a good source, PCs also. you can get thermal tape, but I am sure PC thermal paste will do a similar job, especially if you help a bit mechanically to keep the sink in place.




or, if you feel like hacking, use something like this :D


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