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Simplify 3D is there a Bug

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The Title may be misleading BUT when I specify a process with one head and specify the layer numbers from 1 to 6 with temperature changed on them layers S3d does it,, BUT when I have two heads going the temperature changes on the 3rd layer 5th 7th 9th and 11th ??? even though in each process the temp setting are the same, it seems S3D is taking the second head as a second layer and not adjusting the temp till the first head has its next turn,,, Also if I specify a layer say at 72 there will be no temp change on that layer...

Has anyone come across this, I'm having to manually edit the G code at a given layer to turn that temp head off.

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Well the thing is that each process has a layer numbers. So isn't that easy indeed. But if you check the layer number of a process then you can fix it.

Basically you can choose a layer without checking the layer number on the gcode preview.

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Thanks for the reply?? I don't find that an easy thing to understand, where is the gcode preview? are you calling that opening it in notepad.

I know the processes have there layer numbers but why when you specify layers and temp setting they are adjusted by 1. and when you specify a layer and temp setting there is no change..

in single head mode it works in dual it does not. along with the priming tower it strugles

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