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I want to use my Ultimaker with Octoprint.

Everything works accept of the extruder.

No filament comes out.

I tried to change the settings with an intruduction from the Ultimaker community:


Hope you can help I you need further informations please ask.



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Also see the ReadMe for the OctoPrintPlugin here:



The Ultimaker 2(+) family uses a flavor of GCode named UltiGCode. Unfortunately printing using UltiGCode flavor does not work when printing over the USB connection. That is why using OctoPrint does not work with UltiGCode flavor.

For the Ultimaker 2/Ultimaker 2 Extended, you can use "Machine Settings" on the "Printers" pane of the preferences to change your GCode flavor to "RepRap (Marlin/Sprinter)".

The Ultimaker 2+/Ultimaker 2 Extended+ currently don't support "Machine Settings". You can use one of these alternative printer definitions instead:



Ultimaker2 Extended+


Copy these files into the resources/definitions folder of your Cura application. Restart Cura and add a new printer. You should see the option to add a Ultimaker 2+ (RepRap) and/or Ultimaker 2 Extended+ (RepRap) (depending on which file(s) you installed.


Cura 2.4 will have support for Machine Settings with the UM2+ so it is easier to set the gcode flavor.

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Ultimaker printers have Marlin firmware which doesn't let the extruder move unless the nozzle is above a certain temperature (170C?). Make sure you are in reprap mode. I haven't tried cura 2.X with reprap mode so I'm not certain it works but I think it should. If not cura 15.X definitely works. You have to tell cura that it is *not* an UM2 but instead a generic reprap mode printer.

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