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0.4mm details get lost


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Posted · 0.4mm details get lost

I recently changed to Cura 2.3.1. I have a very simple H profile object


And here is the bottom layer view


The ribs are 0.4mm thick and it is 2mm square. With Cura 1.5.3 I usually set the wall thickness to 0.38mm and all would print well.

In this case all the ribs are gone!

Here is the openscad code:

module HProfiel(d=2,l=20,profDikte=0.4)



translate ([d-profDikte,0,0]) cube([profDikte,l,d]);

translate([0,0,d/2-profDikte]) cube([d,l,2*profDikte]);



Save the stl and there is the exact object.

I tried the wall setting but that does not help a bit. Actually in this case it looks like the ribs on the bottom are just gone while the 0.6mm of ribs to print.

How can I export the settings. I have the normal profile (export button is gray) with just the 0.4 wall. I also tried 0.35 but that did not help at all. So what am I missing.



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    Posted · 0.4mm details get lost

    Where did you "try .35"? You need to try smaller values in the "line width" part of cura 2.3. It's similar to the old "nozzle size" in cura 15.X

    People will tell you cura won't go below 2X line width although sometimes it does. I don't completely understand.

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    Posted · 0.4mm details get lost

    It is the wall size I tried for 0.35. In the 1.5x version usually 0.38 was good enough to get the 0.4mm details in. Since the difference between 0.4 nozzle size and 0.38 wall size is relatively low there are no extrusion issues.

    But if on 2.3x this does not work at all I do have an issue here. The rule that you can't go below 2x nozzle size would be stupid since single wall objects are still quite usable.

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    Posted · 0.4mm details get lost

    I think I found a solution:

    Set the line width under Quality to 0.38

    And change in the machine setting Preferences->Configure Cura

    The printers and hit the button Machine Settings and change the nozzle size to 0.38.

    Now Cura is slicing the object correctly.

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