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[solved] CURA 2.3.1 trouble with Flow and Print Speed in Per Model Settings - UMO+


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Posted (edited) · [solved] CURA 2.3.1 trouble with Flow and Print Speed in Per Model Settings - UMO+

I'm trying to adjust the flow and print speed using the per model settings and getting unexpected results. Any advice about misunderstandings or errors I'm making would be greatly appreciated. UMO+ CURA 2.3.1

Changes made in CURA

Normal part = flow 100% , speed 50mm/s

Bridge part = flow 500% , speed 5mm/s

(see video)


What I was expecting was that the bridge part would print very slow and extrude a lot so you would get lacy loops accumulating all over the wall below. But I did not see that. During the bridge part the speed does not look anywhere close to 5mm/s and the output(flow) also does not seem to increase.


Based on the CURA documentation it seems like FLOW should only effect extrusion rates but I am not able to verify that--OR -- FLOW also changes other parameters that I am not aware of.


I realize the "normal part" is probably not printing at 50mm/s due to min layer time settings (default 5sec) so I would not expect a 10X speed change, but I have seen 5mm/s speeds and the "bridge part" is not moving that slow.

I have uploaded my model and gcode here in case this helps:


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    Posted · [solved] CURA 2.3.1 trouble with Flow and Print Speed in Per Model Settings - UMO+

    ok, I made a better test model which I could print faster and test up to 5 different settings in one print.

    and I discovered:

    #1. (duh) There are several speed parameters and "PRINT SPEED" does not change all print speed settings. For this thin wall model I needed to modify "WALL SPEED" in order to see a difference.

    #2. At 50mm/s changing FLOW has little effect on the print since there is a limit to how fast you can extrude plastic. At 210C with PLA that is probably ~6mm^3/s .

    Here's a nice photo of my tests (click for big view).


    AND here is a link to my improved test print file in case anyone else needs such a printing test object.



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