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Integrating Printer-json-definition-files into Cura "add new printer"

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Hi there,

for my purpose I have defined some printer-variations of existing printers by setting specific default values. So I can use them via cmd for the curaengine and I get the expected results.

Now I would like to implent these printer profiles also in Cura 2.3.1 so I can add them as printers and just select the "printer" which I would like to use.

Unfortunately I could not find a way how to get these "printers" to be shown in the menu where to add new printers.

Did I miss smth? Or how can I use that json files as resources?


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I also have a custom json which is displayed in the add printer as it should.

First please check the following:

- have you defined a different/unique id?

- have you defined a different/unique name?

- have you defined the category? In my version I defined "my printers", so all variants are displayed in this category in the add printer dialog.

Here is my working example for my UMO (which is originally a dual head machine) - the first lines of it...


{   "id": "ultimaker_original_single_right_CE",   "version": 2,   "name": "UMO SiRight Extrusion CE",   "inherits": "ultimaker",   "metadata": {       "visible": true,       "author": "Ultimaker",       "manufacturer": "Ultimaker",       "category": "my printers",       "weight": 4,       "file_formats": "text/x-gcode",       "icon": "icon_ultimaker.png",       "platform": "ultimaker_platform.stl",       "has_materials": true,       "machine_extruder_trains":       {           "0": "ultimaker_original_CE_dual_1st"       },


Further you can use a json validator to check, if the file isn´t corrupt - if it is, it is also not displayed...

Try this one: http://jsonlint.com/

Hope this helps :-)

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