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An app or app developer for next related print project

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This is related to my next print project, as the housing and implements for this

project will be a 3d print.

Have a project in mind for the church that I am a member of.

The hymn number digital display board that we are using needs to be replaced.

Instead of buying a replacement, I'm looking at a different alternative

I am looking for an app or someone that can develop a simple app to input and display up to 3-digit big numbers on an android device.

The app should allow the user to change the digits individually by scrolling/swiping up or down on the number.

For example, the displayed number on the screen is 100, and I want to change it to 214.

I would start with the 1, scroll/swipe up to 2, then 0 scroll/swipe up to 1, then 0 scroll/swipe up to 4, to change it to 214. Number should be from 0 to 9, as well as a blank digit/space. Attached below is an image of how the app should work.


The app should allow the number to be displayed fullscreen because I will be connecting the android device to an external monitor, mounted on the wall behind our choir loft for the congregants to see.

Option to change the background and text color although the default background can be black and the text is yellow.

Asking for help  if you know an app or an app developer that can do  something like this.  Willing to pay a fair price, so let me know how much as well.

Reply to me through this thread. Thanks.

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Pretty sure my son can do this for you, I'll ask him if he feels like it. If he does I'll PM you his e-mail adres.


Received and tested the first version of the app. Exactly what i needed. Although waiting for the final version of the app after some slight modifications

I must say this, Ultrajan's son is very helpful, courteous and knowledgeable. If somebody wants an app developed for a certain application, I definitely recommend him.

Thanks again Ultrajan.

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