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Hi Ultimakers

You have done a great job by creating the new Ultimaker 3. But why do you put all these stones in the way?

1. I often clean the printbed in the office and start a new print at home. Is there an option to confirm that the printbed is clean? I now it is clean, but ultimaker seems to know it better. Only solution, dribe 20km back to office, press the wheel and drive back. BRAVO!

2. Changing filament during printing... A really important feature escpecially by the extend. Why i can not do that?

3. Why can choice the material if you can not reconice it?

4. Why do I have to wait for cooling down the extruder bevore I can start a print?

There is a lot more of paternalism in the navication. I'm not able to to what i want to do because of really bad implemented "safety features". I need more (lot more!) freedom in dooing my own desicions and yes, i know it better than this !?$# machine. I hope you can give me back the usability i know from the ultimaker 2. A remote control by api is for nothing when you need to push one button on the machine.


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    Posted · Really UserExperience

    Hi David,

    David here, "master of disaster" so to say, as I'm in the lead of firmware development.

    1) You need to confirm the printer is empty after a print, so we know it is possible to start the next print remotely. You should be doing this when you are taking the print out of the printer, so you are at the printer and visually you can see that is empty. (Note that everyone else with network printing does no checks at all, or needs a on-printer confirmation before starting a print)

    We did identify that the current flow isn't optimal in two cases:

    a) If you abort a print before anything is printed the bed is still empty, so no need to ask the user.

    b) If you remove the print before everything is cooled down, you do not get the option to mark the printer as emptied yet, as the printer is still "finishing up"

    2) This feature didn't make the initial release due to time constrains. It is in testing right now, so it will be available shortly.

    3) Not sure what you mean? "reconice" isn't available in my dictionary.

    4) Single extrusion prints? Because of a bug. We heat up the printcores to their starting temperature. However, with a single extrusion print, the 2nd core's starting temperature is "0". And we heated up to "melting" temperature for active leveling. So it is waiting for it t cool down after active leveling, as it is going to the starting temperature.

    (Currently in development, almost fixed)

    And respectfully. You do not know it better because you have an UM2. The UM2 is a much much simpler machine. Networking, nozzle lifting and PrintCores change everything.

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