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"lost wax" filament

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Theres is some "lost wax" filament on the market - with 3mm...

I'm wondering about 2.85mm ?

Is there any experiences with wax ore "wax similar" filament?

I want to print items for metal casting for my live steam loco models.

( see Facebook: "Garrattmaker")


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No, I just tried Moldlay and it works. It prints good and the casts come out nice, so why try others... I don't cast myself, but let a professional do it, it takes good equipment to cast a detailled print (with vacuum conditions) and he doesn't have a problem with it. Casting does work with normal PLA as well, but the temperature to burn the PLA must be higher.

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I used MoldLay and the wax filament from http://www.machinablewax.com/ that ahoeben linked. Between the two, MoldLay was a little easier to print with, but the wax was not too bad once I got the settings dialed in. Overall, I prefer the wax filament for most designs. I seemed to have better results with it for investment casting. None of my designs are suitable for relying on melt-out, so low ash was important. The MoldLay left some minor defects, I believe was due to ash. The wax has yielded flawless results.

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