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FYI: Ulticontroller bugs with PID and Max Acceleration

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Following on from my work on the retraction speed problems, I've been digging further into the Marlin source code, and discovered a couple of problems with the Ulticontroller (and yes one of these is also thanks to Bug-Finder-In-Chief, Joergen)...

I've written fixes for these, which I'll offer upstream, but for now, Ulticontroller users (or any panel come to that) might want to be vaguely aware of the following:

1) In Control->Temperature, the I and D settings for the PID are displayed wrongly (i is about 8 times too small, D about 8 times too large). If you use the controller to adjust these to the 'right' values you will actually be setting them wrongly.

2) After making changes to PID values in the Ulticontroller, the new values you set aren't actually used unless you save to the EEPROM and then reset the printer.

3) Similarly for Max Acceleration settings, any changes made in the UC wont take effect until you save them and then reset the printer. (Not even restoring the saved or default settings will have an effect - currently the maximum acceleration settings are read exactly once, at power-up/reset).

These aren't huge problems, unless you're trying to fiddle with these settings, then they are a real pain :-) Hopefully these fixes will make their way upstream before too long, but in the meantime if anyone wants to roll their own hex files, you can find my fork of Marlin here... this is what I'm using currently, but use at your own risk, of course:


(You would want the Menu_Fixes branch - it is the current Ultimaker/Marlin_v1 with these fixes applied. It also includes last week's retraction speed fix - caution: your retractions may now be a lot faster than you are used to).


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