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Support structure pulled out while printing

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Posted (edited) · Support structure pulled out while printing

Hello all,

I have an ultimaker 2+ since yesterday and started with a test print of a housing for Electronik .The Part is about 200 * 120 * 130 mm. 130 mm is the height.

Printing went well until about 40 mm height.

The Problem is, that the nozzle hits the Surface of the support structure sometimes and at least the support was pulled out by the nozzle.

The GCode is generated with CURA 2.4.

Is there a way to avoid that Problem?

I wonder if it is a software or a hardware Problem.

Thanks for your help


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Posted · Support structure pulled out while printing

Are you using "grid" support? Did you generate the support or did Cura? If you generate your own supports in cad make them 1/5 as wide at the base as they are tall such that you have a strong base. If Cura generated the support dont' use "lines". Instead us something like "grid" support.

It is common for the print head to hit the support. Hard. Very hard. But the support should be able to stick. So the solution is usually to make it stick like hell to the glass. That's involved. Usually people just level the nozzle too far from the glass. I show my leveling procedure in the video but I recommend you watch the whole thing as it's packed with good info but if you just want to squish better there is an index near the begining so you can skip to that part.


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