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Z-Height not correct

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After installing a custom firmware (tinker) my Z-axis does not work correctly. All prints are only 50% high, as the original size in Cura. Y/X axis are working well.

And I notied that the heatbed is during the calibration process much too low! The bed is only 150mm away from the 0 position (ground).

Can I change this wrong setting in the firmware, or also in Cura´s machine setting? I have tried it with the Marlin configurator...but don´t know what to change.

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Yes, the object is in a compressed height.

Because a Z-switch error, I had to change the E1 and E2 port. So the Z-axis motor is in the E2 port and I have a customized firmware (tinker).


Extruder motors have different steps per mm than the x/y/z motors - you need to adjust that in your customized firmware for E2.

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Indeed, and i don't see any good in putting the Z on the E2 because of a Z-Switch error


It shouldn't be a problem. The only issue, if done properly changing the pins.h definition, is that UM2 boards for the Z stepper work at 1/8 but all the other steppers work at 1/16 so the Z on other stepper would need x2 steps/mm or adjusting the steps to 1/8 on the firmware, since Z stepper 1/8 is a limit from a physical switch of two pins that by default is open (1/8 ).

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