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Potential bug with saving in Cura 2.4.0

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Below is with Cura 2.4.0 on Mac OS Sierra.

I had a really weird behaviour just now and I don't know if it is intended or a bug.

I saved a project I was working on with File->Save project. I then went on to slice a few models I want to print as soon as the current print is finished.

I changed the slicing settings for each model and pressed Save to File in the lower right corner, not thinking much about it.

When I was done I noticed that all files I had saved was .3mf files. So I figured that the Save to File-button changed format with the latest used. If I manually change back to gcode it gives g-code and stays in gcode mode for subsequent saves so that seems confirmed.

The file size doesn't match anything of the usual but it does match the file size generated when using File->Save selection and can also be imported just like any STL file. So I assume that the Save to file button changed from gcode to save selection with all models virtually selected (since no models need to be selected and all models are saved) when I saved a project.

Is this a bug or intended behaviour? If it is intended behaviour could we perhaps change the button to reflect the current mode, just as when automatically saving to removable media, to make this extra clear?


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It is intended behavior, but one that will change. We just had a discussion about this last week.

The proposed solution is that the buttons on the lower right corner will "pre-select" the preferred file type of a printer (*.gcode in 99% of the cases). The save / save as button will have project as a default.

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Excellent. Now that I am aware of it I won't be fooled again of course, but it was kind of irritating having to reslice six models and save again as I hadn't even reflected that the save button could do anything else than gcode. I almost exclusively save straight to SD card so I hadn't looked closely at the save dialog that opened in this case. :-)

Sounds like a reasonable solution. Having a predefined primary mode and a drop down integrated into the button where you can quickly save as one of the other might be a good feature as well if there are users who regularly save in more than one format. Personally I will only use either gcode or save project for the foreseeable future.


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