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Cura 2.4 Fans not starting?

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Okay, this one has me stumped

On my Ultimaker 2+ running the latest firmware (installed once 2+ Extruder upgrade installed)

I'm printing with nGen which uses low fan, in my prints, fan is set to 15%.

I observe the first layer go on, expect to see fans turn on on the second...nothing.

I look at the settings on the Ultimaker 2+ console and see the Fan % is at 1%

I manually set the fans to 15% and off they go

But I've had to do this for a couple prints now. One, even set to 15%, the fans didn't move until I physically spun the fans with my finger.

What's going on?

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There are other fan settings - suggest you go to visibility settings and turn them all on and then you will see what your settings are - e.g. at what layer height do fans reach 100%. There are 11 Cooling options and you are only looking at 4 of them. 8)

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