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3D LAC Supplier in the US?

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I ordered can from Amazon about a month ago. It's supposed to arrive in about 3 more weeks. I went again today to look at the order and it is no longer for sale on Amazon. It's available in Europe but seams very difficult to find in the US. Does anyone have a good source in the US?


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Hi there,

Welcome to the forum! :)

I do not know about any US resellers, but it is available in Canada from VolexFactory. Unfortunately, I just checked their page and they say they cannot ship it outside of Canada.

3DLac is made by 3D-Leon in Spain. They have a resellers page, but nothing for North America. But maybe you an get it from one of those.

Another option that I have seen people mention positively is Dimafix. It too is a European product, but the Dimafix company also has resellers that might be a source for you.

That said, when I looked at FormFutura's website, for example, they say they cannot ship Dimafix outside of Europe.

I think there are limitations on shipping flamable aerosols, which perhaps explains your Amazon difficulties.

So, maybe you have access to a Canadian address for VoxelFactory?

Alternatively, several people have posted in this forum about certain brands of hair spray that work very well. But not all hair spray, so the exact brand is important. You might try searching for that and see if you can find something that is available locally.

Having personally used 3dLac, I can say that I really like it. It is much nicer to use than gluestick, for example. But, of course, of you cannot buy it, then that does not matter.

Anyway, I hope this helps. Hopefully someone else will have a better answer. Good luck!

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Another option I just noticed:

There is another Canadian store, MachinaCorp (.ca), that has 3dLac and they do not say they limit shipping. You may or may not have luck with them. I have never done business with them, however, i cannot say anything more than that.

Anyway, hope it helps!

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Thanks krys,

So, I checked with MachinaCorp.ca and they have $50 min. international shipping rate. I still don't know if they'll even ship it to the US. I contacted 3DLeon who gave me their Canadian supplier who also won't ship it to the US. Now, 3Dleon is looking into the possibility of directly shipping to me.

This is due to US regs air shipping compressed gas.

It's unfortunate that this is so hard for US costumers to get. All the reviews that I have seen report that it a marked improvement over glue stick. Personally, I find that glue stick adhesion is not consistent across the build plate surface. I seam to get tiny little patches with poor adhesion when the rest is ok.

I have heard of Dimifix. The reviews I see are using it with ABS.

When I get around to ABS I might give it a try.

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Why don't juat use any hairspray?? I use the cheapest spain brand and works and keeps working. I have a normal and 'extra' brand. So I use the extra syrong brand for the big jobs and the normal for the fast jobs.

To remove the print from the glass I wait to 40C minimum and I put some windowasher that allows me to remove the print without forcing the glass.


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Hi @exforma23,

Can you tell me who is the Canadian supplier that 3dLeon mentioned?

And like @neotko suggested, hair spray can work too, if you find the right brand. I did try some cheap stuff and it did not stick at all. I never tried any others though. Still, trying some super ultra extra hold stuff might work for you. It would save you some headaches.

For glue stick, the trick is to wipe it down with a damp cloth after applying so that you get an even, smooth, invisible surface. That said, 3DLac/hairspray is much easier and does seem to give more consistent results, at least for me. Just take the glass plate out of the printer before spraying it. :)

OH! I just remembered a hair spray brand that was said to work: Aqua Net. I cannot find it locally for me, but you might have better luck.

Anyway, good luck. Please do share your experiences with this adventure, okay? :)

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I am now using hairspray and very happy.

I get Aqua Net Extra Super Hold at CVS very cheap.

I didn't realize how great it works until after I started this thread.

I did end up ordering 3D Lac (at a hefty price) but I doubt it will do better than hairspray.

Leon3D gave me http://www.voxelfactory.com/ as the closest distributer.

I'm in NY State and Voxel is in Montreal.

I though I had successfully ordered some. However, the order was canceled with a disclaimer that they can't air ship the product. I don't know why they wouldn't consider ground shipping since I'm less than 200 mi. away.


I did end up having success with krys' recommendation (MachinaCorp in Calgary, CA)

It took a bit of wrangling but they were able ground ship 2 cans for an astounding $64 ($20/can + $24 shipping)

So, that is one solution if you need the stuff.

If I knew then what I know now I would have been happy with my cheap hairspray. :-P

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Wow 20$ a can! Now that's what I call profit. The Nely brand I use (and most spain 3d printers) is 2€ each. I have 2 cans from 2 years ago and still have a lot inside to keep going.

Nice to know that the cheap ones works for you also.

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Well, I am glad you were able to find hair spray that works for you. That price on the 3DLac is damn steep with that shipping.

I saw a video where someone had some Garnier Fructis hairspray (I think), so maybe I will try that when my 3DLac runs out.

Thanks for sharing your experiences! :)

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White glue diluted in water, smooth/spread everything with a paper towel.

500+ prints, no issues. Takes 30 seconds to apply. Once the print is done, i put the bottom in water (usually have too anyway with the PVA supports) and once its all done (a few hours after) the print pops off. Printed VERY difficult/delicate prints and very big/hefty one's. No issues, ever.

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