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Cura - Custom Materials (profiles)

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I added all my different filament in Cura as different material from different Suppliers/brands... it Works great and With two printcores it's actually important to me.

Anyway... Now I'm replacing my old Laptop With a New computer... I want to export my materials so i can import them on a New computer.

What is the best way to do this?

Exporting one by one is almost as much work as making them all over again on the New computer.

Would it work to; Copy-Paste the entire CURA-folder and reinstall cura to the same folder on the New computer?

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I have taken to exporting my material and print profiles via the configuration tab to create non-installation required backups. That way I can blow out the folder setup that Cura references and still reload (manually) the profiles.

However, Having the same OS would probably be required unless the data is stored in a form that is transportable (ASCII, etc).

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You can copy the local files found in the help -> local configuration folder. That should work.


Awesome that worked great! Thanks a million!

And just FYI if people wonder about the location... In Cura under the tab "HELP" there's a option to open your settings folder. :) (It's Local Harddrive:\Users\Your User\AppData\Local\Cura) for me :)

Just copied my materials from 2.4 to 2.5Beta all at once, saved me alot of work

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