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Cura Project Save File

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I'm using Cura 2.4 with an Ultimaker 3 Extended for engineering and concept / prototype models. When I set up a print, I often do a lot of customization in the print parameters - layer thickness, infill geometry, prime tower location, support infill shape and density, interface layers and so on.

When I save a project file (File > Save Project), it seems the only thing that gets saved is the build plate layout and none of these settings are included in the *.curaproject.3mf file. I'd really like to save these files along with my other development files so that coworkers can easily reproduce my results. However, without the customized settings being included, the project file is only half of what they would need.

Am I doing something wrong when saving the project file or does Cura 2.4 not support saving custom settings? It would make the process much more user-friendly for our application if this were possible.

Thanks in advance

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Let's reanimate this short thread!


@ahoeben This is what *I* did: load a STL, tweak some settings like 44% infill to get a very odd and individual profile, save all as curaproject (and cura is detecting, I made 2 or 3 changes in the profiles). Then I change material and profile, delete the old STL and open the *.curaproject.3mf


The attached file should be in PLA, with 44% infill and 69mm/s print speed. When I open it in Cura 3.2, none of the settings reappear. Only geometry and the recent profile/material.


@mattgriffin You said in your "Went ahead and bought the UM3X"-Post


On 18.2.2018 at 4:48 PM, mattgriffin said:

1) save cura project files and date stamp them each time you print. Sure, you just need the gcode to print with, but that project file HAS all the settings in there, and you can even duplicate one, kill the mesh part currently loaded, and apply favorite settings to the new job

But this was not possible for me. How does this work?





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I loaded your project into Cura 3.2, and after choosing to open it as a project (instead of just the models) the project restores as an Ultimaker 3 Extended named "Druckomat" with PLA and "REC Blue PLA" loaded in the extruders, and the first extruder has the "fast" profile loaded and an infill density of 44 and a print speed of 69.

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Let me know if that technique is working for you! You can also take trusted elements and roll them into a machine and material profile etc. -- but I really like the Cura 3MF project files for templating right now. (Probably because I change slicing goals all the time, so am not zeroing in on only one.)

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Hi Matt,


i will keep an eye on it. In the german forum they said, a new printer was generated. Until now, i saved most of my prints as Curaproject but was not able to use the settings, so new experiences will come!



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