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Looking for replacement nozzles for my new UMO+

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Hey guys, I just purchased a new UMO+, and the prints are going very well ;-)

However, I can't seem to find any nozzles for this thing. Most nozzles I find are for the Olsson block, and the head on the nozzle is much smaller than what comes with UMO+.

I did purchase some additional nozzles for the Olsson block so that I could use them once my print head upgrade gets here. Apparently, the extrusion upgrade comes with the Olsson block standard, so the nozzles should fit, once it arrives (3-4 week lead time - UGH!).

Looks like the theads might be the same, but the fan shroud appears to be too big, and the nozzle probably wouldn't reach below the shroud very far, so clearance could become an issue.

I'm not having any print issues atm, but I'd sure like to try some smaller nozzle diameters, just for fun ;-)

Any idea where I can find some replacements for this UMO+ ?

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So. You bought the upgrade kit and you want to get umo nozzle while you wait?

I ask because afaik umo/umo+ nozzles only exists on china clone shops (the ones of other sizes)


Indeed you can use um2/olsson/e3d nozzles with your umo+

The fancap issue, has a easy fix, print another fancap. @amedee has one that is like the standard design but with the height for a e3d nozzle.


In theory you should readjust the nozzle/barrel height... But fo juat 3 weeks, I would not touch much stuff apart of that for now :)

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Im using 3Dsolex and E3D nozzles on my UMO, the threads are the same (M6) its just the nozzletip are shorter so you need to adjust your bed up.

As Neotko mentions, you need to print a new fancap, by adjusting the bed height, the standard fan will touch the parts you are printing

But I've printed with 0.4,0.6,0.8,1.0 and 1.2mm with these nozzles and its awesome

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