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Trouble with warping - please help

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Posted · Trouble with warping - please help

ah yes. UM1. got to love that home made kit :) highlight of last year.

yes i was wondering if there was a way to re-bend stuff back into shape, i thought that a heat gun could be a solution, but had a huge change of just melting one side off, and leaving the other side even more warped :p

love this forum. everyone always has an answer or a "i will test that for you" even when its midnight on a weekend :)

so tried hot water, instead of warm, whoops!

however, looks like the new tape works a treat, may not even be able to get it off the acrylic plate! almost no warping.

i think laying the first layer much hotter also helped, got it nice and in on the tape, and i can adjust later with warm, not hot, water :)


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    Posted · Trouble with warping - please help

    Sorry for the gravedigging, but I just wanted to share that nail polish remover improves adhesion too. Yesterday I printed a 80x160x2 mm rectangular piece and I didn't have any IPA. So, being too impatient to go out and buy it, I used my gf's nail polish remover and the piece stuck to the tape, and the tape to the bed, so tightly I had immense trouble getting it off! I was simply amazed by how strongly it was attached.

    I only succeeded in getting it off by removing the whole bed from the printer and then persistently driving a utility knife between the bed and the tape, and after that I still had to remove the tape from the plastic by using lots more nail polish remover.


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