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Brand new ULTi 3 problems with printing PVA

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Brand new just unboxed Ultimaker 3  Having problems with the PVA for support.  The print seems to leave clumps of PVA and small bits on the table, it seems all located at a point on the support. The consequence is the other nozzle hits the hard clump, so I think the clumps have caused the print to jar and has offset the print:D:D


Any guidance much appreciated or is this the norm??


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Hi @Geoff, thank you for your message and welcome to the forums.

It is normal that some small particles of PVA will be scattered around your print, but not 'chunks' like on your photo's. Did the print finish successfully?

Can you share some of the settings you have used in Cura? Was it Ultimaker filament?

Did you check your print in Cura layer view to see if there were any oddities?

Looking forward hearing from you!

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The PLA & PVA are straight out of Ultimaker 3 box as delivered.

Here are the settings from the CURA control panel 5a333337a16f7_ScreenShot2017-04-05at15_09_46.thumb.jpg.46f5866ab29347f3963be8d2f8367800.jpg

I did not check the layers not sure what I would be looking for, it look sound to me. Should I copy you the file?

The print i stopped because the clump was getting larger and catching on the other nozzle.

Thanks for replying your help much appreciated

Regards Geoff


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Hi Geoff,

Thank you for your reply.

When you are in Cura, on the field with the visual representation on the left, there is an eye-icon. Click it, and select 'Layers'.

That will you the opportunity to see if perhaps there is something going on at the point where this blob was formed.

Did you try any other prints?

Could you include a full picture of what the print is suppose to look at?

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Hi SandervG

From the layers pic I cannot see anything that I understand from the pic albeit not sure if i understand the pic.


I did not another print as they take 19 hours!! does PVA print ok on fast print?

I attach a link to my Onshape file to let you see the Bandsaw Knob.


I am also concerned about the offer in the vertical of the base it shifted for about 3/4mm so the prints layers where no longer concentric, offset by a 1 to 2 mm and then shifted back to where it should be, definitely not in the layers rendition.

could the clump knock this of concentricity?

I do not know how to send you the code to view , i could send an stl file?

Guidance and thoughts much appreciated


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Thanks, how did the other print turn out? Similar or did it work as expected?

It could be that this was just an unfortunate one-time event, and not a structural issue.

How did the wipe tower look during your first print?

If it was not holding up as supposed to, and some filament was dragged into your print, it could have caused this blob and its consequences.

The prime tower is optional, some users think it is necessary, but our materials team is trying to work towards highly tailored profiles which don't require it anymore. Close to no oozing. However, this would be tailored on Ultimaker filaments and defaults profile. Feel free to use other materials, but then you may want to tweak the material profiles a little bit.

Even though the layer adhesion between PLA and PVA is pretty good, it is usually the reason when a tower breaks.

'could the clump knock this of concentricity?'

That could be possible yes, if it really does not want to budge.

I can send you my email address if you want to send over the STL, and we could do a print here.

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