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Cura 2.4/2.5 strange behavior while adding supports

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Hello everyone,

I notice a strange behavior in Cura 2.4/2.5 while adding supports for a helical gear I want to print.

The part was created using parametric equations, so it is perfectly symmetrical and well defined:


The slicer creates strange asymmetrical supports:



Anyone have any idea why this happens? This particular part does not requires supports to be printed, however the slicer behavior was very off, nevertheless.

The STL can be downloaded here, if anyone want to give a try:



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I am a bit hesitant to click on non-descriptive short links like these. In this case they may be honest and harmless, but I can not differentiate such links from spam or viruses (like in malicious e-mail links). More and more spam is now custom-made and thus getting harder to recognise, both in mails and on forums. So I am not going to take the risk.

I would suggest that you upload pictures to the forum, so that we can always see them immediately, without need to download anything; and that you use long and descriptive links to an HTML-webpage for any downloads, but not directly to the files, and no short links.

This still doesn't guarantee safety, but the risk is lower.

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Inline, as requested.




STL file:

I get much the same result when using 2.5 Final. I have 2.5 Final on a different computer than my actual work station on which I keep 2.4 Final. The reason I keep it on a separate computer is because I too have found some anomalies in the way Cura 2.5 Final, with multi threading, handles support structures.

Suggest if you really need to print this file you bring it into 2.4 Final, if possible on a separate machine.

Just my 2¢ worth . . .


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